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MSoft retail & ecommerce software development services

We build tasteful, elegant, and effective e-commerce solutions that stand out and give your brand the visibility it needs to connect with your customer base. Our team will work with you from conceptualization to implementation to help you bring your vision to life.

/01 Ecommerce and retail software

We deliver ecommerce web development solutions that are easy to use and deliver on functionality, whether you need payment systems, account management solutions, advanced reporting tools, or other case-specific custom software.

/02 PoS Software development

We can help you build your own fully-featured, custom Point-of-Sale (PoS) system, modify and improve your existing solution to better address your needs, or assist you with the integration of different payment platforms – cards, checks, mobile and others – into one secure, cohesive system.

/03 Retail Mobile App Development

Give your operational processes even more versatility with mobile options. We can help you build solutions for logistics, PoS systems, warehouse and supply chain management, order processing, and your own specific usage applications.

/04 Retail Cloud Infrastructure

Take your retail business to the cloud and optimize your operations, improve scalability, and enhance cost effectiveness. We’ll help you build a secure solution from scratch, move your existing systems to a cloud-powered solution, or implement the integration of your existing operational framework with a cloud solution.

/05 Customer relationship management solutions

Make the most of your data to build better relationships with your client base, and within your organization. We build CRM solutions that will smooth operational processes, eliminate information silos between your departments, and automate processes to make operations faster, more efficient, and cost effective.

/06 Blockchain solutions for ecommerce

Incorporate the power and convenience of blockchain technology in your sales processes, for accounting operations, and warehouse, supply chain, and inventory management.

/07 Order Management

We develop solutions that make your order processing workflows faster and more efficient, and use automation to free your staff up for higher value tasks. Applications that bring automation capabilities to your processes and streamline your operations for a leaner, autonomous, and more focused set-up.

/08 Retail Software integration

We can help you integrate your retail software with other third party platforms, including social media, ERP systems, CRM solutions, or your specific technology stack.

Custom ecommerce development solutions

Our custom ecommerce software development solutions include complete retail systems tailored to your business setup, and smaller, more targeted solutions aimed at solving specific challenges, or integrating with your wider architecture.

Loyalty programs and other specials
Robust, scalable solutions that will handle large volumes of traffic, and support large numbers of user accounts. We custom build programs to your specifications with account management, bonuses and rewards, special offers, membership, self-service, and more.

Augmented & Virtual Reality solutions
Enrich your ecommerce platforms with the immersion AR and VR technology provide. We can help you create virtual showrooms, add augmented reality to your product catalogs, implement fitting rooms, and other features that enhance the shopping experience for your customers according to your specifications.

Mobile Retail Application Solutions
We develop mobile solutions that sync with your wider infrastructure to give your teams the agility that mobile platforms bring, and to provide even greater freedom and flexibility for your customers.

Success stories: our projects for retail software development

Store inspection

To help one of the largest US food retailers automate inspection and maintenance processes across their stores, we built a cross-platform, cross-device solution and integrated it with their KPI corporate management system.

Loyalty program digital transformation

We developed a web and mobile app that helped one of the largest food retailers in the US move more than a million of its loyalty program users to a digital system and drastically reduce the use of plastic cards.

Generating prices
using Big Data

We developed a tool that processed all the purchases across the US’s largest food retailer’s entire chain of stores, showed dependencies, and informed policy-making on catalog-listing and pricing.

Why choose Msoft team for retail software development

We invest in talent and resources
We make sure our development tech stack is up to date with the latest toolkits to ensure we ship solutions that are robust, reliable, and aligned with the times. Our team members continuously update and upgrade their skills, and our teams make use of only the best tools available to consistently provide world-class solutions.

End-to-end development solutions
The MSoft team has experience and expertise in a range of technologies suited to solving different kinds of challenges. Back-end development, UX/UI design, mobile, blockchain, and a raft of other capabilities all fall within our expertise. Our specialists are professionals who have worked on a diverse range of projects with a variety of clients across many different industries.

Complete commitment to your project
We value trust, communication and transparency. From the very start, we endeavor to make sure we give you only the best we have to offer. From the assessment of your requirements, to the development process, we ensure you get full commitment from our end. We put our best talent on your project, ensuring you get qualified and knowledgeable experts who will provide you with transparent communication throughout the process, and comprehensive support after implementation.

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