Custom React development services

What is react?

React is a components-based JavaScript library that is primarily used for UI development. It was created by Facebook but is an open source library that is free to use. React is based on JavaScript and XML.

This means you can build entire websites using the technology, or just specific components as needed.

React is maintained and supported by Meta, formerly Facebook, and a community of open-source developers. It has grown in popularity over the years mainly because of the flexibility it offers and how quick development is using the library. There is also the assurance of stability that comes with the support of an organization the size of Meta.

React development services from Msoft

Within our React development team, we have years of proven experience developing successful web solutions for the diversified needs of small, medium, and enterprise level organizations. We have worked with companies from across a wide range of industries including retail, gaming, banking and fintech, media and telecom, energy, and many more.

/01 Custom React development

Whether you need a custom component created or you’re building an entire site from the ground up, our React development experts will partner with you to create solutions that align with your business requirements and deliver the value your business needs.

/02 React migration

Seamlessly transition to a React-based solution from your existing platform. Implement new React components, or transform your existing framework into a React solution without unnecessarily disrupting your business operations.

/03 React UI/UX Development

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you create attractive interfaces that make for a smooth user experience, increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site, and improve user engagement.

/04 React Maintenance and Support

The MSoft team will help you bring the capabilities and performance of your solutions to current standards, providing technical expertise with code auditing, upgrades to newer versions, and regular maintenance to help you ensure your pages and solutions run as they should.

Why choose React?

What makes React a great solution is its cross-platform compatibility, its versatility, and the fact that the technology has such a short development time.
Coding in React is declarative, meaning that solutions are effective and efficient, updating and displaying components only when data changes. This, along with the fact that React is made up of components that typically handle their own state, makes the underlying codebase easier to read, maintain, and debug. The framework is backed by Facebook, has a large and active community of developers worldwide, making it a thoroughly documented and well-maintained library, with lots of support resources.

Why Choose The Msoft
Team For React Development?

Quality UX/UI development
As a React software development company, we understand just how critical UX/UI design is to the success and effectiveness of your solutions. That is why we pursue the highest standards when we deliver our projects. We keep your needs and requirements front and center at every phase of a project, and never lose track of that focus.

We invest in our development infrastructure
We make sure our React development tech stack is up to date with the latest toolkits. Our React development services make use of only the best tools available to consistently provide world-class solutions with short turnaround times.

Experienced React development team
Our talent pool is filled with some of the best professionals in the industry. We pay close attention to our hiring process. Our specialists are dedicated professionals with experience working in a diverse range of projects with a variety of clients in many industries.

Complete commitment to your project

From the moment we begin our cooperation, we commit fully to ensuring you get the best we have to offer. This means thoroughly assessing your requirements, putting our best talent on your project, and providing you with transparent communication throughout the process, and comprehensive support after implementation.


Store inspection

To help one of the largest US food retailers automate inspection and maintenance processes across their stores, we built a cross-platform, cross-device solution and integrated it with their KPI corporate management system.

Loyalty program
digital transformation

We developed a web and mobile app that helped one of the largest food retailers in the US move more than a million of its loyalty program users to a digital system and drastically reduce the use of plastic cards.

Generating prices
using Big Data

We developed a tool that processed all the purchases across the US’s largest food retailer’s entire chain of stores, showed dependencies, and informed policy-making on catalog-listing and pricing.


We worked with one of the largest sports betting providers to help their machine learning and data engineers develop new automated analysis, bidding, and billing features for their game engine, and linked it to the company’s web and mobile platforms.


We created an automated subscription management solution for a popular online magazine. This gave the magazine new capabilities including a payment service, analytics that helped them optimize their content, and also gave subscribers the control and freedom to manage their preferences.

Internal process

A corporate client urgently needed to modernize its corporate processes to better manage the administration of a distributed network of offices. Our solution provided a solution that provided for business processes from onboarding to everyday workflows including internal comms, a ticketing system, workflow management, escalations, and much more.

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