Custom PHP development services

What is PHP technology?

PHP is a web development scripting language that is embedded into HTML. The embedded code is executed on a server and returned to the client as HTML. This is what makes it unique compared to client-side scripting languages like JavaScript.

PHP is open source, and free to use and download. This is a big part of why it is so popular. PHP is used by huge websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and many more.

One of PHP’s strengths is its versatility. PHP is great for creating dynamic page content, but can do much more. It is used to code essential capabilities into websites, like file-handling functions on servers, including creating, opening, reading, editing, and deleting files. It can be used to collect form data, handle cookies, manage user access, and even to implement data encryption.

PHP is a multi-platform technology. It can run on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, and more. It supports different types of databases and will work with all the major server technologies, and is constantly being improved and updated.

PHP development services from Msoft

Within our PHP development team, we have years of proven experience developing successful web solutions for the diversified needs of small, medium, and enterprise level organizations. We have worked with companies from across a wide range of industries including retail, gaming, banking and fintech, media and telecom, energy, and many more.

/01 Web application development

Whatever your business needs, whether it is a website, content management system, or a bespoke web application, we can engineer a solution that complements your operations, slots seamlessly into your business processes, and delivers the business value that the investment of your time and resources should yield.

/02 E-commerce development

We build unique, feature-rich, e-commerce solutions that will guarantee your digital storefront stands out from the rest. User-friendly, professional UX/UI design will ensure you have an e-commerce website that drives conversions and positively represents your brand.

/03 Consultation and maintenance

You can count on our expertise to help you optimize an existing codebase. Make changes to improve efficiency, add functionality, perform maintenance or administer upgrades. Drawing from experience with countless PHP projects, our team is best placed to audit your existing solution and execute the changes you require without unnecessary disruptions to your operations.

/04 API integration and portal development

Let our experts partner with you in the development of high-performance, robust, and scalable solutions that will deliver in high-load usage scenarios and on high-traffic networks. Integrate your websites with a custom content management system, connect your platforms with public and private APIs, and develop and deploy your own portals with advanced functionality.

Why choose PHP?

PHP has been around for the better part of two decades. Top companies like Wikipedia, Facebook, and Tumblr trust it as part of their web development technology stack – and with good reason.
It’s a cross-platform solution, making deployment in heterogeneous systems painless. Along with its cross-platform capabilities, it interfaces seamlessly with different types of databases, relational and non-relational, giving it even more versatility. It is open-source, and with its maturity on the market, is a stable and dependable solution with a supportive online community. This means there are plenty of resources available, a fact that helps speed up the development cycle.

We always strive to ensure you get dynamic, and high-performance PHP solutions with stable functionality, and UI/UX design that provides for a satisfying all-round experience. We abide by strict quality standards to ensure you get stress-tested solutions that will perform under heavy loads, and we make sure the systems we deliver are scalable and fault tolerant.

Multi-industry experience
The MSoft team is a diverse talent pool that has some very experienced experts who have worked on a diverse range of projects for organizations of different sizes in industries ranging from gaming, retail, banking, to fintech, energy, and many more.

Proficiency with advanced technologies
Whether you are a custom PHP shopping cart, integrating with other technologies like Python, Django, and other, building AI-powered solutions with predictive analytics, or creating supporting software for a network of IoT devices, we have the skills and expertise to deliver the solutions you need, with no compromise on quality.

Customer focus
We pursue a culture of excellence and ensure our staff are fully committed to your project and always give their best. We know that the best partnerships are built on trust so we stay accountable and transparent throughout our cooperation. We respect deadlines, communicate openly, and genuinely care about each project we take on.



We created an automated subscription management solution for a popular online magazine. This gave the magazine new capabilities including a payment service, analytics that helped them optimize their content, and also gave subscribers the control and freedom to manage their preferences.

Internal process

A corporate client urgently needed to modernize its corporate processes to better manage the administration of a distributed network of offices. Our solution provided a solution that provided for business processes from onboarding to everyday workflows including internal comms, a ticketing system, workflow management, escalations, and much more.

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