Node.JS development services from Msoft

What is Node.JS technology?

Developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009, Node.JS is a platform that was designed for developers of networking and server-side applications. It is an open-source, cross-platform environment that works on the Apple OS, Windows, and Linux with the Node.js runtime.

As a platform, Node.JS is meant to be light-weight and efficient. It uses an event-driven model, making it a great solution for high data load, real-time applications.

The fact that Node.JS uses an asynchronous, event-driven model also makes it a great tool for building scalable solutions. Node.JS can handle multiple connections concurrently, sleeping when there is no activity to be completed. This, coupled with the fact that Node.JS does not use OS threads for networking activity, makes it very efficient. Programmers also don’t have to worry about dead-locks, so this approach is also simpler to use.

Node.JS is based on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. It has a comprehensive library of JavaScript modules which significantly speed up development time, as programmers do not need to constantly reinvent the wheel. The platform is trusted by companies that typically handle large volumes of requests, like eBay, GoDaddy, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, and many more.

Node.JS development services from Msoft

Msoft has a talented Node.JS development team which has delivered a wide variety of high-traffic applications of different sizes and complexity supported by Node.JS to clients in various industries including retail, gaming, banking and fintech, media and telecom, energy, and more.

/01 Custom Node.JS Development

We have delivered custom solutions for a long list of satisfied clients with efficient and scalable multi-purpose, server-side applications. We have highly skilled experts across the entire web development stack experts who will be able to advise you on the best solutions and technology architectures to actualize your specific project.

/02 Node.JS Mobile Backend (Server-side) Development

Our team can work with you to implement backend services that take the capabilities and performance of your mobile applications to another level, adding dynamic functionality to your server-side code, and build event-driven, real-time communication applications for high-volume use cases such as streaming, gaming, and more.

/03 Node.JS chat-bots

By leveraging Node.JS’ speed and efficiency we can build real-time chatbots that can be deployed as a distributed service across multiple devices, and will comfortably handle high loads, and seamlessly scale with your growth.

/04 Node.JS Migration

We can help you migrate your solutions from platforms like .NET, PHP, and Java, to a server-side framework that will leverage Node.JS’s speed and efficiency for your back-end and ensure high performance.

/05 Node.JS Consultation And Support

We can work to develop solutions for your specific use case, whether you are integrating solutions and need to couple your application to some service, API, or database, or you are building an entire full-stack solution from the ground up.

Why choose Node.JS?

Node.JS made the implementation of JavaScript code outside of a browser possible. This meant developers could take advantage of the strengths of JavaScript not only for frontend development, but for the backend as well.
Node.JS is cross platform, making deployment across different systems easy, and enabling its use in heterogeneous enterprise-level applications. With its dependence on Google’s V8 engine, and the fact that it uses an event driven I/O model, Node.JS creates applications that are extremely fast. It has an extensive library to support development, and with a long-term support policy that details release schedules and support periods, there is also the promise of stability that it comes with.

Why Choose The Msoft
Team For Node.JS Development?

We have a multi-faceted team that can support you throughout the implementation of your solution, not just with the back-end and server-side functionality, but across the entire project until your application is fully functional. We have experienced Node.js specialists who are skilled developers, engineers, project managers, and consultants, so you can rest assured your project is in good hands from initial needs assessment to post-implementation support and maintenance.

We set
high standards
We understand that Node.JS web application development services play a pivotal role in your customer-base’s experience with your services. That is why we set the bar high when it comes to the quality of Node.JS development services. We ensure you get a thoroughly tested, professionally built codebase, that you can easily maintain, modify and upgrade.

We invest
in our talent
We make sure our Node.JS development team always pursues a culture of excellence and stays up to date with the latest industry practices and innovations. We place a heavy focus on continuous learning to ensure our clients are always benefiting from the best service and skill sets in the industry.

Experienced Node.JS development team
The MSoft team has extensive experience delivering Node.JS solutions for clients. We have built back end applications, web servers, streaming services with specialized functionality, real-time APIs, and many other projects. Our team brings a wealth of valuable lessons learned from working with a rich variety of projects in the gaming, retail, banking, fintech, and energy industries, and many more.

Project ownership
We believe that your success is ours. When we take on your project, our ethos is to fully commit and always give our best. We work on the premise that partnerships are built on trust and therefore pursue a policy of constantly earning and keeping it. We respect timelines, communicate openly, and genuinely care about each project we take on.


Store inspection

To help one of the largest US food retailers automate inspection and maintenance processes across their stores, we built a cross-platform, cross-device solution and integrated it with their KPI corporate management system.

Generating prices
using Big Data

We developed a tool that processed all the purchases across the US’s largest food retailer’s entire chain of stores, showed dependencies, and informed policy-making on catalog-listing and pricing.


We worked with one of the largest sports betting providers to help their machine learning and data engineers develop new automated analysis, bidding, and billing features for their game engine, and linked it to the company’s web and mobile platforms.

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