Java development services from Msoft

What is Java technology?

Java is a language that was invented in the early 90s by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems, a company which later became part of Oracle. It is an object oriented programming language and software that was meant to run on any device.

Today, billions of devices and services run java, everything from computers, electronic systems in cars, IoT devices, gaming consoles, PoS systems, medical devices, and many others, including a wide range of emerging tech.

Java was designed to be portable. It could be written for one type of device and easily moved to another. Also, Java can run from anywhere, unlike JavaScript, which needs a web browser. This flexibility and versatility made it a popular innovation and contributed to its widespread use.

Officially released in 1995, Java is something of an elder statesman among programming languages. In a field that is constantly innovating, with new technologies routinely supplanting once-popular languages that inevitably fade, Java has maintained its place and relevance as a mainstream language for application software development. Many developers still prefer it over other powerful languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, Swift, C++, and others. That alone speaks volumes about its capabilities.

Java development services from Msoft

We have a strong Java development team at Msoft which has delivered a diverse range of projects of varying size and complexity to satisfied customers in a long list of industries including retail, gaming, banking and fintech, media and telecom, energy, and many more.

/01 Java Web Development

We can help you build dynamic web content, set up a secure distributed web application, or implement your own custom functionality.

/02 Java Software Development

Our talented team members have extensive experience working with various frameworks, technology stacks and libraries. Whether you need to automate some process or workflow, develop a custom portal, integrate with highload services, or implement some bespoke backend functionality, we have got you covered.

/03 Java Mobile Development

We build feature-rich, well-crafted mobile applications that drive conversions and give you versatility in the way you deliver your offerings to your clients.

/04 Enterprise Applications

High-performance, robust, and scalable solutions for enterprise applications. We’ll help you integrate your Java applications with existing systems, develop APIs, and help you implement heterogeneous application systems with complex functionality.

/05 Java Migration

We can help you shift your business platforms to Java based frameworks that will bring the benefits of Java’s versatility to your technology stack and ensure all your components run smoothly.

/06 Java Consultation And Support

Our team of experts will work with you to help you choose the most appropriate Java technology for your business case. We partner with you every step of the way until the right Java solution is implemented, saving you valuable time and resources in the development phases, and enhancing the efficiency of your solutions.

Why choose Java?

Java’s write-once-run-anywhere versatility provides for unique possibilities for scaling, interoperability, and adaptability.
One Java application can be easily adapted for deployment on different devices. Java is object-oriented, so code can be repurposed for use in different projects. This means developers can significantly shorten development cycles without compromising on quality. This also has benefits for scalability. Migration from one system to another is seamless, and codebase updates, upgrades, and maintenance are painless. The language itself is extremely powerful, with extensive libraries, many rapid development tools, and robust industry support. This means it can reliably be used for everything from API development to backend programming.

Why Choose The Msoft
Team For Java Development?

We believe
in quality
As a Java software development company, we aspire to the highest standards of quality. At every phase of a project, we never lose track of the customer focus, and we ensure that deliverables we produce reflect our commitment to this ethos. Whenever we deliver, you are assured of high-quality, thoroughly tested solutions.

Excellent Java Development Infrastructure
We make sure our Java development tech stack is up to date with the latest toolkits. Using robust frameworks, and the best development tools available enables us to consistently provide world-class solutions in a fraction of the time.

Experienced Java development team
The MSoft team has some of the best talent the industry has to offer. Our people are dedicated specialists with extensive experience in a diverse range of projects. We have a strong development team that has worked with many clients looking for different types of solutions in industries ranging from gaming, retail, banking, to fintech, energy, and many more.

Project ownership
We understand that your success and ours are synonymous. Our ethos is to fully commit to your project and always give our utmost. Our partnerships are built on trust and we work tirelessly to earn and keep it. We respect timelines, communicate openly, and genuinely care about each project we take on.


Store inspection

To help one of the largest US food retailers automate inspection and maintenance processes across their stores, we built a cross-platform, cross-device solution and integrated it with their KPI corporate management system.

Generating prices
using Big Data

We developed a tool that processed all the purchases across the US’s largest food retailer’s entire chain of stores, showed dependencies, and informed policy-making on catalog-listing and pricing.


We worked with one of the largest sports betting providers to help their machine learning and data engineers develop new automated analysis, bidding, and billing features for their game engine, and linked it to the company’s web and mobile platforms.

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