Custom Auction Portal Development

Using blockchain technology, we help you reach a wider audience and bid, sell and trade globally in a secure, but open and transparent way. Our auction website development services offer solutions with high-load capabilities, integration with third-party platforms where needed, interaction features with fellow users, and more.

What is Node.JS technology?

An auction portal enables sellers to offer their products, and buyers to bid on them just as they would in a traditional auction. It brings buyers and sellers together and provides the platform from which assets can be bought and sold using different auctioning methods.
A typical auction portal will, among other things, provide a digital storefront displaying information such as product previews, owner information, relevant history, related bids, and other details. There will be auction management capabilities, as well as secure wallets that can be used to conveniently and safely exchange and store NFTs.

MSoft’s Auction portal development process

The auction portal development process varies from case to case depending on the functionality required for the project, and the needs of the client. In general, auction portals will need to have some mechanism for processing data, synchronizing the data for all users, and a fully functional bidding platform.

/01 Requirements analysis

Our approach to auction portal development generally involves determining the project requirements with you. We determine the main stakeholders of the project, the target end-users, discuss the scope of the project – including functional and technical requirements and feasibility – and the expected deliverables and timelines.

/02 Design

We conceptualize the end product. This means designing the solution – the UX/UI, frontend and backend functionality, and the general structure of the final product according to the specifications that were determined in the requirements analysis stage.

/03 Development

Once the design has been settled, we move to the development stage. For this, we rely on the expertise and experience of our auction software developers to pick the best platforms, languages, frameworks, and libraries, to implement different aspects of the solution. Where necessary, integrations with other existing systems may be carried out, as well as the integration of the different elements of the solution.

/04 Quality assurance

Our pre-release testing involves a systematic analysis of the quality of the codebase and functionality to identify any bugs and eliminate them. Our team has experienced QA engineers who are skilled with various testing frameworks that ensure the quality of the final product. This involves writing comprehensive test cases, identifying and flagging issues, and providing support throughout the testing phase.

/05 Launch

We also provide digital marketing expertise to help you with your launch strategy. This includes content management, SEO optimization, support, PPC management, various analytics, and more.

/06 Maintenance and support

We help you keep your solution optimized throughout its lifetime, proactively performing upgrades when needed, implementing any change you might need, and addressing any issues that may arise. We also help with training, consultation, and technical support.

Success stories: our projects for portal development

Live streaming

We built a feature-rich game streaming web service with the ability to link to broadcasts from sites like YouTube and Twitch, in-game rewards, and market-boosting mechanics for a leading games developer. The service comfortably handled more than 500,000 connections during peak periods.

Forex trading

An international Forex trading broker needed a trading platform that would enable both amateur and seasoned traders alike to operate. Using Swift and Kotlin, we built a feature-rich, complete mobile solution with an easy-to-navigate interface. On a single screen, the mobile application enabled users to see their order history, provided real-time data updates, finance management features, and one-tap deposit and withdrawal capabilities. Users could access current quotes, view official exchange rates, analytics from experts, and access an event calendar.

Why Choose Msoft team
for custom auction portal development

Full-Cycle Development Process
We work with you every step of the way until the completion of your project. This means our staff walk you through the entire development process and transparently communicate with you from the initial assessment and specification of your requirements, through the design of the user interface, the implementation of the solution, testing, and launch.

Cutting edge kills and technologies
We select the most appropriate, and the most current technology to develop solutions, with a continuous focus on reskilling our staff to ensure we always apply the latest best practices in the industry and produce codebases that are reusable, thoroughly tested, and well optimized.

Full-stack expertise
The list of development technologies we use is extensive. So whether you need integration with other services, specific solutions for certain parts of your infrastructure, or complete, new applications, we have the expertise and experience with a diverse range of frameworks, libraries and languages to deliver a high-quality solution.

Agile Development
We aim to reduce time to market as much as possible without compromising on quality standards. We use an agile, iterative approach throughout the development process – we make periodic releases, gather feedback, and implement incremental changes until the project is complete.

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